Didar + Charanjit Melbourne Sikh Wedding

September 02, 2015

Didar and Charanjit’s Melbourne wedding was everything you want a Melbourne wedding to be.  The bride and groom got ready at lovely Grand Hyatt, Melbourne.  The ceremony took place at the stately Blackburn Sikh Temple.  After the ceremony was over, the bride and groom wanted to head over to groom's house for some traditional sikh wedding rituals. Once we were done at goom's house bride and groom wanted to head to Melbourne CBD for some truly extraordinary portraits. Just before we were about to leave for groom's house it started hailing, and everyone was bit disappointed how we are going to make to city. But eventually hailing stopped and we managed to reach grooms house. When we were about to leave for Melbourne city rain eased a bit, so we decided to head over to city. Luck was on our side and when we reached Melbourne city rain completely stopped. Couple decided to take their portraits at Melbourne Parliament House with its rich texture and extraordinary backdrop. The reception took place at The Grand Reception in Wantirna South, a cheerfully vibrant reception space.

Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-057Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-057How crazy and elaborately excellent are the bride’s shoes?

How crazy and elaborately excellent are the bride’s shoes?


Charanjit has wonderful style, and her dress matched her personality perfectly. She looked fabulous in her red India lehenga


Didar had a matching turban with Charanjit's lehenga.  Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-007Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-007

Sana from Hair & Makeup by Sana did a great job with Charanjit's makeup and hair for her special day.  Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-006Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-006 This is Didar's sword that he was carrying for his special day. It is a sikh ritual to carry this on a wedding day.

Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-005Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-005  Punjabi jutti is a ethnic Indian hand embroidered shoes. This was worn by Didiar with his Punjabi shervani Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-003Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-003 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-004Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-004 The bridal bangles (chudda, in punjabi) is worn by bride which matches her wedding dress as well.  Charnjit's chudda was elegant combination of red, golden and silver which complimented her dress.

Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-002Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-002 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-001Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-001 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-010Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-010 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-011Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-011 Didar's sister's putting kalgi on his turban. The Kalgi is normally worn on the front of the turban and consists of a single feather or a a cluster of feathers worn as an ornament which forms a plume.


Charanjit had a golden Kaliras. Kaliras (or kalires) are ornamental jewellery  worn on the wrists of Punjabi brides. They hang like beautiful chandeliers and come in a range of colors to match any outfit. They are enchanting and make any bride even more gorgeous.

Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-013Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-013 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-014Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-014 Charanjit while she was waiting to be taken inside Sikh Temple.  Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-015Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-015 Blackburn Sikh Temple is one of the main Sikh Temples in Melbourne and is very frequently visited by most sikh community.  Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-016Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-016

Sikh wedding ceremony takes place in the presence of Shiri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-017Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-017 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-018Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-018 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-019Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-019 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-020Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-020 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-021Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-021 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-022Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-022

Didar and Charanjit's first ride as a husband and wife. These photos were taken when they just arrived at Didar's house for some traditional rituals.  Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-023Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-023

Weather was not that great on the day as it hailed and rained, but all the family members and friends were there to help bride and groom, as it was their special day.


Charanjit (bride) for the first time arriving at Groom's (Didar's) house. She is been welcomed by Didar's mother and family Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-025Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-025

After we were finished with the ritual at Didar's house we all headed to Melbourne city for couple's portrait session.  Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-026Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-026

We were lucky enough that when we reached Parliament House rain just stopped.  And we were able to capture some beautiful moments there. Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-027Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-027

Parliament has a rich texture on its pillars and walls that it makes a wonderful backdrop for a sikh wedding. Both Didar and Charanjit looked very royal with their fabulous dresses and background.

Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-028Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-028 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-029Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-029

Melbourne’s Parliament House is really spectacular as a backdrop for Indian Sikh weddings.

Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-030Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-030 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-031Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-031 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-032Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-032 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-033Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-033

We worked as quickly as we could just to avoid rain. It was so wonderful to be out, and even MORE wonderful that the bride and groom were so excited about their portraits.

Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-034Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-034 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-035Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-035 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-036Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-036 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-037Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-037 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-038Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-038

Once at The Grand Reception in Wantirna South, all the details were documented before guest started to arrive. Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-039Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-039

The wedding cake was prepared by Isher Eggless Bakers and they did a great job with this eggless cake.


Even for reception Sana from Hair & Makeup by Sana did a great job and it was completely a different look from morning. Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-041Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-041 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-042Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-042 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-043Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-043 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-044Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-044

Didar's sister Rani was the first person to start the speech for the night.  Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-045Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-045

Didar's best friend made everyone smile with his speech.  Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-046Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-046

In the end it was Didar's turn for the speech.  Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-047Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-047

Couple also organised a Bhangra performance on Punjabi music.


After the bhangra performance it was couple's turn for the First Dance.

Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-049Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-049 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-050Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-050 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-051Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-051

Everyone was invited to the dance floor after couple's first dance. 


Music plays a big role in any Indian Sikh Wedding. Punjabis are very fond of music and dance. The atmosphere was really FANTASTIC.


Music kept everyone on the dance floor for rest of the night.

Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-054Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-054 Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-055Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-055

There are always special moments even on the dance floor when couples' parents are brought to the dance floor to dance with the couple.  Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-056Didar-Charanjit-Melbourne-Sikh-Wedding-056

Didar and Charanjit, I cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm, energy, and kindness.  I know your wedding photography was very important to you, and I thank you for giving me ample time to create images that I hope you adore as much as I adored capturing them for you!

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